Jan. 7th, 2017

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This is a voicetest post for Shiro from "Voltron: Legendary Defender"! Feel free to use one of the prompts below or make up one of your own.

1. Shiro takes a deep breath, centering himself, and shuts the blast visor on his helmet. "All right," he says, hearing his voice a little tinny in the speakers. "Just like we talked about. Get me through this and then I'll guide you. Start the clock Coran!"

2. "On your left!" Shiro shouts as alarms blare around him. The black lion slews sideways and turns, mouth blade shearing through a Galra fighter craft's wing, but he isn't going to be able to get there in time to help his ally. "Look out!"

3. Shiro jolts awake, biting back a hoarse cry. It's dim... except that his hand - that hand - is glowing and active. Adrenaline and fear hammer in his chest as he looks around the room, but there is no threat. There are no galra. He's safe. They're safe. He sighs heavily and lets his hand power down, leaning forward to run his good hand over his face. "A dream," he murmurs, thinking himself alone.

4. The Champion is back. The whispers precede him, running from oracle to pillar to adversary to champion all through Questing Country. The Champion of Strength, the Adversary of Resilience... but he's not either of those anymore. There on the edge of an enormous toadstool cap looking out to where the pool is nestled stands the Oracle of Balance, and at his side sits an enormous, pitch black lioness. Shiro turns his head and smiles. "Coming to look for your own spirit animal?"

5. Onyx ignores the stares. He's used to them by now. How many hecatites are so badly damaged that they have to have a grafted prosthesis? The ametrine arm would serve him well enough until the wounds eventually killed him. But who knows how long that would take? In the meantime he's doing the best he can. "You really don't want to go through the asteroid field that way," he says patiently. "The planet is going to shift in approximately eight hours, right when you would be in the heart of the field, and the solar radiation is going to catch the dark sections here and here and set the asteroids spinning and colliding. Unless you have a keen pilot you would be crushed."

6. The nice thing about Shiro is that you always know where to look for him. The training deck, the common room, or his room. Right now he's in his room. ...stepping out of the shower. "Oh, hey. Need something?" he asks, toweling off his short hair.


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