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Dolorosa: a small kingdom steeped in magic, suffering great difficulties and targeted by the Trumps for completely different reasons. Queen Niobe has been missing for eight years after having vanished mysteriously. Eight master mages walk the kingdom, offering help and censure according to their nature, governed by the traits of the colors of the magic they wield. The barons of the land squabble and fight in the queen's absence, and bandits roam at large. In the north of the kingdom dragons wake and grow, attacking towns and striving to break past into the heart of the kingdom. The forests which serve as boundaries, along with the mountains, thrive with all manner of magical creatures.

Here, then, is where we set our scene.

General Information
Initial Casting||Later General Cast
Month 1 Summary||Ending Summary

Yellow Illuminant Threads
The Tournament: Yellow and Violet; Yellow and Sansa; Yellow and Joscelin; Yellow and Green; Yellow and Kaoru (demon); Yellow and Sir Robb
The Demonstration: With Kuzuryuu; Inga Blink; Chizuru; Sabetha; Leonardo; Green
Illuminated Summit: The talks; Leonardo; Garrett and Violet
Acquiring a New Apprentice: Armin Arlert
The Red Summit: Pre bloodbath (no comments); Chaos thread (no comments); Reaction to Violet's death (no comments); Escaping (no comments)
Yellow's Home: Healing from Green; With Leonardo; With Robb
Violet's Tower: Indigo; Green; Violet
Indigo's Library: Alone (no comments; With Indigo
Flamegard: Hijikata; Armin; Hawke
Spell Warning to the Illuminated
Battle with Armin and Aftermath

Herein lie additional tales not gathered above. Peruse at your leisure and add to the chronicle where you have knowledge ~The Indigo Illuminant
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