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The Cast

Lord Onyx - Age: 24 - Come early into his inheritance, the dark, devastatingly handsome and charming young mage lord of the manor has suffered in the past, but is reluctant to speak of it to any but his closest companions. The ancestral manor of the Onyx family is where we lay our scene.

Inspector - Age: 28 - Breathtakingly intelligent, this energetic and attractive man frequently works himself to the bone, much to the dismay of his loyal and diligent doctor friend. He feels that there's something mysterious about the deaths of the notorious Onyx family and has been given permission to wander the grounds and house at will so long as he leaves the master alone. He has taken an interest in the maid's mind, but has so far been frustrated with her inability to rise to his level.

Ashton - Age 19 - Personal valet to the lord, the lovely Ashton is calm, collected, quietly cheerful, and good at everything. He's always there to listen and help in any way that he can, and knows everything about the manor and its inhabitants. No one ever doubts his sincerity or his loyalty, and he's very good at keeping the family's secrets.

Gardner - Age 21 - Extremely tall and spindly with adorable boyish charm, Gardner is the groundskeeper. He's continually coming into the house with gifts for the maid and hanging about to talk with her, which she finds endearing, but both of them are too shy to consider something more... engrossing.

Sir Raoul - Age 23 - A young, rakish, hedge-knight with more passion for games and drink than attempting to gain his own land through service, and frequently hails the maid when she goes down to the village. He's coarser than the other men of her acquaintance, but with a sweet streak beneath it, and if he loves his drink a bit too much, it's no more than her master in a poor mood. He has made her laugh and tells her stories of the outside world she longs to see someday.

Tacy - Age 22 - The Mouse Maiden herself, Tacy is the maid and cook of the much reduced household, making herself available to everyone during the day, should they ever need her for anything, despite her shy nature. But Tacy has a terrible secret. Every night, upon the stroke of twelve, she becomes nothing more than a field mouse until dawn's light creeps into the house. And if she is found out, she will remain a mouse forever. The change can be triggered early, if someone refers to her using mouse-related words or phrases. So far, she has managed to stay safe. But for how much longer?

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